Badminton Racket Restringing Service

Our Stringers

We have two stringers who are always ready at our store to receive and string the rackets for you. one of our stringer is qualified as professional stringer by the uk racquet stringing association (Ukrsa). Both stringers are members of the European Racquet Stringing Association (ERSA) and attended seminars to obtain the latest techniques of racket restringing. We do not only string rackets, but string them promptly and professionally.

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Our Machine

Brand new Xpider Diamond BT electronic stringing machine that can string badminton rackets, tennis rackets and squash rackets. Xpider Diamond BT is a new model designed by Xpider, an experienced manufacturer from Taiwan.

Our Strings

We stocked wide range of strings with a lot of colour options. Strings available are listed as below:


BG65, BG65 Titanium, BG66 Ultimax, BG66 Power, BG 68, BG 68 Titanium,
BG 80, BG80 Power, BG85, Nanogy 95, Nanogy 98, Nanogy 99, Aerosonic, Aerobite

Yonex JP Edition (Limited Stock!)

BG 65 Titanium, BG 66 Ultimax, Nanogy 95, 98, 99, Aerosonic, Aerobite


String No.1


Zymax Fire Power 66


Pro 60, Pro 65, Pro 70, Pro 80, Pro 95

Alternatively, we are also happy to string for you if you have your own string. You don’t have to panic if you don’t know what tension or what string suits you. Meet our stringers at the store and we will give you personalized advice.

Our Turn-Around Time

The fastest turn-around time is 1 hour* (Believe it or not!). However, we always suggest our customers tell us when they will need it for the next badminton session. Normally, your new string performs the best within 24 hours of stringing.

*Depends on availability.

Other Services

  • Free changing of grommet whenever necessary

  • Free standard logo stenciling (SMASH, Yonex, Victor, Li-Ning Logos)

  • Fun stenciling at £1 (choose from our selection of graphics)